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"You enjoyed that didn't you Mom"

"Yes" she whispered "It has been a long time since anyone admired my body, I felt so horny dressed like that"

"You liked being told what to do, didn't you? You liked acting like a slut?"

Mom looked at me shame faced and said, "Yes".

"Good" I replied as I kissed her on the cheek "It will be interesting to see what our next assignment will be"

"Next assignment?" Mom looked puzzled.

"Oh yes. My little slut has more work ahead of her". I then left the room.

Mom and I didn't say talk much for the next three weeks, but Mom was getting more nervous as the date of my assignment drew near. I made sure I had access to the assignment forms, then I took a chance and dropped out of the course and traded in my still camera for a
camcorder. It seemed more immediate, and cut out any processing problems. The day came, I handed Mom her instructions.

Mom went pale then a flushed little as she read the note. "The
assignment is to explore the world of the female submissive. Your work
should show a variety of submissive acts and punishments". Mom looked
at me, her lips trembled as her mouth tried to form words.

"Your clothes are on your bed in a bag, as before" I boomed in what I
assumed was a commanding tone of voice.

Mom left the room. Then began what seemed an eternity waiting for her
to return, if she would return. What Mom didn't know was that I had
done some homework on my chosen subject, and I had selected a variety
of bits and pieces from around the house and garden to use on her.

The living room door slowly opened.

There she stood, 5-inch heels, black stockings and suspender belt,
crotchless panties and peephole bra. Her nipples poked out of the bra
hard and erect, her pussy lips glistened, she was already wet. She
slowly moved away from the door and stood in the center of the room. I
walked over to the tripod-mounted camera and switched it on to record.
She looked at the video camera, then at me.

"On your knees", she knelt down without saying a word. My heart skipped
a beat "game on"

I stood in front of her, mom looked up. "Open you mouth" her mouth
opened. I unzipped my trousers and slid my already hard prick between
her lips. "Let's start where we left off". Her mouth closed around me,
the tip of her tongue probed the head of my prick. She started sucking
hard, I watched fascinated as my prick slid in and out of her mouth, in
and out of those sexy red lips. "Oh god, this was good" I felt myself
about to cum, I stood back as the first jet of my spunk hit her in the
face, she didn't move, she just knelt there as I covered her face in
thick white cum.

"Clean yourself off with you fingers, and swallow it all"

Mom slowly pushed my cum towards her mouth, swallowing each drop, when
finished she licked each of her fingers clean, one by one.

Her next act was to stand with her legs apart and bring herself off
with her big black dildo. I watched as she bucked her hips, plunging
the dildo deeper into her cunt with each thrust. Her eyes widened as I
produced a thin bamboo cane, it was about 4-foot long, the type used in
gardens to support plants. I swung it through the air, it made a really
nice swishing sound, and it sounded painful. I stood behind her. Moms
wanking slowed down as she tried to see what I was doing, I lashed out
at her butt. She let out a small shriek, the dildo plunged into her wet
cunt even faster. A thin red line appeared across her milky white
cheeks. Her groans were getting louder and more frequent. I knew she
was getting close.

"I'll stop caning you when you cum"

I hit her again, she let out a high pitched wail. Then again, this time
Mom let out a loud groan. A fourth time, an animal like gurgling sound
came from deep within her throat..

"I'm cumming, I'm Cumming, Uuugh! Uuuuuuugh!"

I swung at her ass as hard as I could.


Mom slumped to the floor in a heap.

I helped mom to her feet and threw the dildo to one side. I took off
her bra, and gave both her tits a nice squeeze, she moaned. I gently
twisted her nipples, she moaned again, then I twisted them hard, and to
my surprise she just moaned loader. Her panties were next to go, I
slowly finger fucked her for a few minutes, then pushed her down on all
fours. Her ass looked gorgeous.

The cane whipped through the air, her whole body jerked as it bit into
her already sore skin.

"Nooooo, Please"


"Please, aaaaghgh!"

I stopped at six, tears were running down her face. "Well" I asked.

"Thank you" mom said.

I knelt behind her and placed my now hard cock at the entrance to her
pussy. "You're just a cunt, aren't you? What are you?"

Mom whimpered "I'm a cunt David"

"And what are cunts for?" I demanded

"Fucking" she replied.

I thrust forward into her moist cunnie, Mom gasped as my prick filled
her. I was in heaven as my balls slapped against Moms ass. Mom started
thrusting with me as her groans got louder.

"Oooh fuck, fuck me, split me you bastard"

My prick pounded her pussy, no mercy. Mom let out one long groan as she
felt my hot cum spurt inside her. But mom hadn't cum and started to
frig herself. I slapped her hand away "NO, you cum when I let you" Mom
just let out a defeated whine and waited for her next instructions.

I showed Mom my home made spreader bar, it was simply a 5-foot long two
by half-inch piece of wood with a series one-inch holes drilled at
regular intervals along its length. Luggage straps would be used to
secure Mom in place. She swallowed hard when I pulled out a box of
clothes pegs

Mom was still on all fours, first I made her kneel, then I strapped her
left ankle to the bar. I spread her legs about three feet then secured
her right ankle. Moms' breathing was heavy with anticipation. I spread
her knees by the same amount then secured her left wrist to her left
ankle and the same for the right. Spread like this Moms' legs would
soon ache, the only way to rest them was to lean forward and use her
head as a pivot, but this would raise her ass leaving it even more
exposed. I was dying to taste Moms pussy. I lay on my back and slid
under her ass like some over sexed grease monkey.

Mom started to groan the moment my tongue started to explore her pussy.
I sucked her lips into my mouth, I pushed my tongue as far as I could
into her hole. She tasted so sweet. I found her clit and began licking
and sucking for all I was worth, Moms cunt juice was dripping into my
mouth. The louder her groans became the harder I sucked, I started to
finger fuck her as I licked her clit.

"Oooh, that's it baby, make me cum, lick my hole" Mom groaned

"Yes, yes, O' god!"

Mom bucked so hard as she orgasmed I thought she had broken my nose. A
jet of cunt juice squirted into my mouth, nectar!

I wiped myself down and lifted Mom into a kneeling position. I played
with her already erect nipples and showed her two of the clothes pegs.
She made no objection as I cupped her left breast so as her nipple
stood out. She watched as I opened the jaws of the peg and placed it on
her teat. Mom cried out as the peg bit into her sensitive flesh. I then
cupped her right breast, she was shaking now; she gave a muffled cry as
the second peg bit into her excited nipple.

I then pushed her forwards so her ass was raised into the air. I knew
that with her tits pushed into the carpet any movement would cause the
pegs to pull on her nipples and pain that would cause. I then started
rubbing butter into her lovely tight anus. The puckered hole opened and
my finger slid in with ease. When I felt sure she was well oiled I
picked up Moms big dildo and covered that in butter to. It was one
thing for Mom to stick that small vibrator up her ass there but this
was much bigger. I showed Mom what I had in mind. She just groaned

I placed the tip of the dildo on her anus and gently moved it in and
out. Her puckered little hole began to open little by little. I kept up
a gentle pressure, slowly her hole opened enough to take the head of
the dildo. Mom was gently moaning and doing her best not to move.
Without warning her I jammed its full 8 inches into her.


Her body was shaking all over with the pain as the dildo stretched her
insides and the pegs pulled at her tits. It was now Moms turn to
surprise me, as a steady stream of hot steaming piss hit the carpet.
Mom was completely gone. I rolled her over into her back and took three
more pegs, one on each of her outer pussy lips, the third on her clit.

I left her trussed up like that for about 20 minutes. Mom started
begging me to let her go, but I made her wait a few more minutes.

"Mom, will you be my sex slave"

"Anything you want" she cried, her body trembling with the pain.

"Promise?" I asked

"Yes! Yes! I do whatever you tell me to do"

I took off the pegs, pulled out the dildo and untied her. She just
flopped onto the floor, I rolled her onto her belly opened her legs and
started to fuck her ass. As I fucked her I asked, "What are you Mom?"

"I'm your sex slave, I'm your piece of cunt" Mom replied

"And what do you want Mom?"

"I'm want you to fuck me, and hurt me real good"

What more could a young growing lad want, a loving mother and a wanton
whore all rolled into one. I'll tell you how things are going next time
we meet.

Chapter 2