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I've been fucking mom for just over a year now. I found out by pure luck that mom's a closet exhibitionist and submissive, when she posed for some glamour pictures. Since then I've made mom my personal slut. We have what we like to call assignments about every four weeks, when normal social behaviour is suspended and I let my imagination run free. And today is the day.

Mom in the kitchen; she was gazing out of the window drinking some
orange juice.

"A punishment day I think" I announced, as I walked into the room.

"But David!" said mom "I do everything you ask, I even gave that smelly
old tramp a blow job."

"Well, perhaps not punishment" I conceded.

"That's better" said mom, letting her gown fall open revealing her firm

"It's more, what is that word, err, TORTURE!"

"David! You know I hurt for a week the last time you did an S and M
number on me."

"This time you'll hurt for two, I promise"

A tear rolled down moms' cheek; "I thought you loved me" she wept.

"You know I do mom, I just want to hurt you today that's all" I put my
arm around her. "Now, your clothes are on your bed, I'll be in the
playroom waiting for you."

Mom nodded and went to her room. I went to our new playroom and waited.

Mom entered the room her head bowed; her 5-inch heels made a sharp
cracking sound against the wooden floor. Her legs looked great in her
shear black hold up stockings, her naked ass wobbled in time with her
breasts as she crossed the room. Mom stopped in the centre of the room
with her hands behind her back and looked at me. Naked apart from her
shoes and stockings she looked stunning.

I walked up to her and gave her right nipple a sharp twist. Mom
whimpered as her nipple became hard. I pushed my hand between her legs
and roughly rubbed my hand over her clit. Mom started to moan, softly
at first. Gradually her moans grew louder she was almost ready to cum.
Her legs started to tremble as the desire in her pussy built up, moving
towards its climax. I grabbed her cunt lips and yanked them down hard.

"Aaaaaaagh!" Mom screamed as she fell to the floor one hand nursing her
bruised pussy lips.

Mom got back onto her feet, she said nothing. I lifted up her breasts
and squeezed them together I then sucked and bit her nipples. She just
closed her eyes, her breathing became heavy, I knelt down in front of
her and kissed and licked her wounded pussy. I pushed two fingers into
her asshole. Moms' groaning started again; soon she was ready to cum.
This time I let her.

"Oooooohoo!" she gasped. Mom held my shoulders to steady herself as her
legs shook, soon her whole body convulsed as her climax hit her.

Although still standing, mom looked like a limp rag doll. I raised her
left hand and strapped it to a rope above her head; it was soon joined
by the right hand. I spread moms' legs and attached a spreader bar to
her ankles. Her legs were stretched about three and a half feet apart.
Using a small block and tackle I started raising moms' arms, she was
soon standing on tiptoe her arms pulled straight over her head. Two
more pulls and her feet were two inches off the floor, I tied off the

I stood in front of mom with a cane in my hand. WOOOSH, mom flinched as
it passed in front of her face.

"How many?" she asked

"Until you ass bleeds" I replied, feeding on the fear in moms' face.

Mom nodded, as she accepted her fate.

The cane sliced through the air, mom wailed and her body jerked forward
as the cane made contact with her ass. Again, and again, mom's creamy
white ass was a network of red lines and welts.

"Please stop!" she gasped "NO MORE, I CAN'T TAKE IT!"

I lashed out again; her whole ass was a deep crimson.

"NNNOOOOOOO!" Mom screeched.

I stopped and smiled to myself, her skin had three small splits in it,
drops of blood rolled lazily down the cheeks of her ass, then dropped
to the floor like miniature lemmings. Mom just hung there sobbing, her
pussy was soaked.

"You came, didn't you, you bitch!" I shouted.

"Y Yes" came the feeble reply.

I stood on a box in front of mom and slid my prick into her wet cunt;
she let out a groan. I started to build up speed; moms' hips started to
move to my rhythm. Her groaning was becoming stronger; I grabbed the
cheeks of her ass and rammed my prick into her cunt as hard as I could.
Pleasure and pain flooded her body as she let out a confused
spluttering sound. Mom let out an almighty moan as I came inside her.
She went limp, her body gently swung from side to side.

I let her rest for about ten minutes. Mom re-entered the world of pain
as I caned her breasts. The third stoke caught her right nipple, her
eyes bulged in agony. I stopped at six; her breasts now had a nice rosy
glow to them.

"Did you enjoy that mom?"

"Mmmmmph Mnuphgl" she muttered

"Now I know you can do better than that"

Mom lifted her head and let out a long sigh, "Yes David."

"Shall I hurt you some more?"

Mom switched to autopilot and started mumbling her very own little

"My body is your pleasure, your pleasure is my pain, my pain is my
pleasure, please give me more pleasure, release my pain, let it please

"I'll take that as a yes then"

Mom watched as I walked up to her holding several large needles, all
about four inches long and fairly thick.

She gasped as I pushed one into the side of her left breast. I placed
the second needle against the underside of her right breast; and pushed
it in very slowly, her eyes rolled back as the pain swept across her
body, as she arched her back mom let out a low groan. She gave a
combined groan come shriek as I pushed a needle through the teat of her
left breast. As I pushed the fourth needle down the length of her right
teat into her breast, cunt juice dribbled down her legs. I pushed three
more needles into the areola of each of her nipples. As the last needle
pierced her nipple her body shuddered, a stream of piss erupted from
her cunt, splashing onto the wooden floor. As she orgasmed her hips
bucked and sent the stream of golden liquid whipping across the room.

I let mom down and left her lying in her own piss.

Half an hour later it was time to get started again. I pushed mom up
onto all fours and positioned her so her ass was in the air. I lit the
candle and stood over her. Mom made small whimpering sounds as the hot
wax dripped onto the cheeks of her ass. I watched as her anus contract
each time a drop of wax landed on her reddened skin.

"Shhhhhhhiiiii!" mom gasped.

A drop of wax had hit her exposed pussy.

"Aaaahhhh, Ggguugh."

Her clit was splattered with molten wax.

I held open her pussy, and looked at the delicate pink inner muscles.
Mom braced herself as a drop of wax fell towards her welcoming hole.
She let out loud shrieks of pain, as I let five drops of wax coat the
wall of her cunt. I pulled her up to a kneeling position, her breasts
heaved up and down in time with her heavy breathing. Mom looked down at
her bruised and swollen nipples and knew at once that they were my next
targets. Mesmerised, she watched as each of her large brown nipples was
coated in hot wax. Mom had reached a point beyond pain; she just felt
warmth growing in her breasts and a pride that they made such fine
targets for her son.

As I put the candle back in its box, mom squatted in the centre of the
room. I noticed how she kept clenching her ass.


I slipped a finger into her anus, as I pulled it out it was covered in
thick brown shit.

"Open your mouth" I ordered.

Mom opened her mouth; she looked horrified as I pushed my shit covered
finger between her lips.

"Suck it clean"

Moms mouth closed around my finger, she began to gag.

"Throw up, and you eat it"

Mom kept her dinner where it belonged; her tongue slid round my finger
licking and cleaning as it went. She swallowed the contents of her
mouth and waited for her next punishment.

I kissed mom on the lips. "Mom" I whispered "I want you to shit on the
floor and eat it"

Her face was blank; she showed no sign of what was going through her
mind as she squatted on the floor. Her puckered anus began to swell;
gradually the head of a large brown turd emerged. Her hole opened wide
as she released the contents of her bowels onto the floor. Two turds in
all and a thick brown liquid squirted out last of all. Mom turned and
looked at the pile of shit on the floor.

"You even brought chocolate sauce" I crooned.

Slowly mom lowered her head. Her tongue licked at the liquid, a look of
pure disgust crossed her face. She looked up.

Her mouth closed around the end of one of the turds and bit. A large
chunk was missing. Mom chewed, then swallowed. Mom looked at me, her
eyes begging me to say stop as she swallowed the last piece of her
first turd.


It took her about fifteen minutes to eat the second turd and lick up
the rest of her mess from the floor but it was worth watching. I stood
up and looked down at my toy. A small trickle of shit was running down
her chin, the blood from the needles in her breasts had formed a hard
crust. I held my limp prick in front of her face and pissed on her. Mom
opened her mouth and swallowed mouthfuls of my warm piss.

Once finished mom licked my prick clean, as she licked it soon became
hard. She rolled over and presented me with her now empty ass. Like all
moms, she knew what her little boy liked. As I fucked her, mom passed
out with exhaustion.

Just as she past out, mom mumbled "Next time shit in my mouth."

Chapter 5