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Mom gave a satisfied moan as I withdrew my slowly softening prick from her wet pussy. As she lay back with her legs apart I caught some of the cum leaking from between her lips in my hand and tipped it into her open mouth. Mom raised her head and licked my hand clean.

"I hope your ready for tonight mom?" I toyed with her right nipple.

"Whatever you say David" mom moved down the bed and began licking my
prick clean as well.

The time was 10pm; mom was getting agitated. I walked into the living

"Ready mom?"

"What for? You haven't told me what to wear yet!"

Your outfit is on your bed, now get changed. Mom went upstairs; little
did she know her outfit consisted of one old raincoat and a pair of
high heels. She returned with a beaming smile.

"I see you want your old mom to look her best tonight"

We got into the car and drove across town; I had picked a part of town
frequented by tramps, winos and dregs of every description. We parked
in an unlit side street and started to walk. As usual I had taken some
time picking moms entertainment for the day, in the previous weeks.

"Down here I think," we headed down a dimly lit alley full of trash
cans and old storage crates. We stopped; I had found the right place.

"Ok mom, lose the coat"

Mom took off her raincoat and passed it to me. She shivered slightly as
the cool evening air ran its fingers over her naked body. "No covering
up." Mom moved her hands to her sides and stood with her legs slightly
parted. I put her coat in an old bag I had brought along for the

"Now what?" she asked.

"Over there in the corner" I pointed to a large mound of rubbish.

We moved closer, moms' breasts swaying as she walked, the cool air
making her nipples hard. In the corner was a large fat ugly woman, her
face red and blotchy clasping a bottle of methylated spirits to her
chest; she stank of booze, piss and shit.
"Meet you new girlfriend mom"

Mom sniffed the air and swallowed "Ugh! Nice!"

She knelt down next to the old hag, mom watched as she coughed in her
sleep and brought up some yellow phlegm. It dribbled down her chin onto
her chest. Mom looked at me; I nodded. She held the woman's head and
kissed her on the lips, she worked her tongue into her phlegm filled
mouth, drinking down the glutinous liquid as her tongue explored her
new girlfriend. Then she licked the woman's chin, lovingly cleaning her

Mom started unbuttoning the old woman's clothing, layer after layer was
removed finally revealed her large white sagging breasts. They hung
down to her waist; each tipped with big rubbery teat. Using both hands
mom cupped one of the giant breasts and began to suck on the nipple. It
grew bigger as moms' tongue excited it. Her skin was rough to the
touch; the nipple expanded some more. The old woman groaned in her
sleep as mom stood over her and started to rub her clit with the
bloated teat. Moms' hips swayed backwards and forwards, rubbing her hot
clit over the hard rubber nipple. I let mom enjoy herself for a few
minutes before urging her on.

Mom continued to undress her new girlfriend, after removing several
pairs of tights she finally found her stained and soiled knickers. As
they were pulled down her legs I could see her hairy pussy was stained
red from menstruation. Mom climbed between the woman's legs and started
to lick the blood; the copper taste of the blood was enhanced by the
sharp tang of urine. Mom lapped at the woman's pussy like a cat with a
saucer of cream. The old woman was getting more aroused now, I pushed
two fingers into moms' cunt.

"Mmmmmgh, Shlurplghgh!"

Moms' tongue was deep inside the woman's hole; she sucked the woman's
juices into her mouth, savouring the taste before swallowing. I
started to fuck moms' cunt, pushing her face into the old hags' pussy
with each thrust. The old woman's breathing was getting louder, her
lungs whistled as she got closer to cumming. Mom was groaning and
grinding her pussy around my prick. I eventually pulled out and came
all over the old woman's mountainous tits. Mom started to finish
herself off rubbing her clit with her hand as she licked my cum off the
old woman.

"Oooouughn!" mom gave a loud groan as she finally came.

Mom lay on her back, head between the woman's open legs. I put my foot
on the woman's stomach and pushed down. A steady stream of golden piss
splashed over moms body, she opened her mouth to catch what she could
while rubbing the rest into her skin. The now drained woman just lay
there like a giant lump of lard unaware of the beautiful woman between
her legs. I took out my now soft cock and pissed in moms' mouth. Mom
licked her lips as she swallowed every drop.

The old woman hadn't cum; I felt I owed her that at least. I picked up
the empty meths bottle; it was about 3-inches wide at the base. Mom
opened the woman's pussy as wide as she could; I pushed the bottle up
pussy her blunt end first. She gave a high pitched whimper as her cunt
stretched around the bottle. I fucked her with my makeshift dildo
pushing it deeper with every thrust. Eventually she came, her fat
swollen body wobbled and rippled like jelly. Mom and I then left her in
peace; naked, legs open, with just the neck of her bottle sticking out
of her pussy.

I opened my bag and gave mom some travel wipes and a towel to clean
herself up. Once done I pulled out a leather belt and strapped moms
hands behind her back. I then put a dog collar and lead on her. Leaving
the alley we walked along the well-lit street towards our next charity

Mom walked at a steady pace, ignoring wolf whistles from the few
passing cars. The occasional wino groped her as she walked past; she
just smiled at them and continued walking. Her large breasts bounced in
time with her stride, as did the cheeks of her ass. Her brown erect
nipples pointed the way. We turned a corner and in the distance I could
see a small campfire on some waste ground. We made our way towards it.
As we drew closer I could see the four tramps I'd met earlier in the

"Hey! It's that kid" one of them shouted "and would ya look at the
piece a meat he's got with him."

They all leered at mom as I led her towards them. I stood mom by the
fire. As the flames flitted across her body, the four men walked around
her in a circle, looking her over. Moms' body began to get excited by
the crude comments they were making; her pussy was getting wet, it
began dripping cunt juice.

"I just gotta fuck those tits"

"After I shoot in that mouth of hers"

"That pussy gonna be split tonight"

"Well I'm having her ass, I bet its as tight as virgin choirboy"

"I'll show her how to appreciate a real man"

"She'll know she's been fucked when I've finished with her"

Mom let out a small gasp as a finger was roughly pushed into her pussy.
Hands pinched and pulled at her tits, she thought they were trying to
yank her nipples clean off. Someone grabbed her hair and pulled her
head back, before she had time to think a tongue entered her mouth, a
large smelly mouth attached itself to her face. Her ass cheeks were
pulled open; two fingers were forced into her anus. Mom squealed as
they assaulted her ass.

Mom was pushed to her knees, a large unwashed prick stood erect in
front of her face. She opened her mouth; four or more hands held her
head as her mouth was raped. She was gagging as the head of the prick
hit the back of her throat; she did her best to relax her throat
muscles. Mom gave a grunt as the tramps prick eventually entered her
throat, his balls slapping against her chin as his thrusts became
harder and faster. Mom felt his prick throb and swell in her mouth as
he groaned, she felt his hot cum sliding deep inside her.

"My turn, my turn you bastards"

Mom was pushed forwards exposing her pussy and ass, she felt a prick
pushing against her asshole. She felt herself opening, swallowing her
next intruder.

"God! She is tight!"

As her asshole was being fucked one of the others started slapping the
cheeks of her ass, mom felt them going red, that strange perverse heat
building between her legs. Mom began groaning as her ass got redder and

He threw his hips forward, "Shit! I'm cumming" he pumped his cum into
moms ass. As mom felt his cum inside her it triggered her own climax.

"Nnnnnghggh, Yessss! Oooooooh!"

Mom felt hands pushing her, lifting her. She saw one of them lying on
his back prick pointing towards the night sky. She was lowered onto
him; his prick made a squelch as it filled her wet pussy. She was
pushed forward, she felt a prick brush against the cheek of her ass.
She relaxed her anus.

"Nnnnnnoo!" the second prick also pushed into her pussy, stretching
her. This new sensation caught her by surprise, she felt so full. More
hands held her hips and shoulders. The two men kept perfectly still as
mom was seesawed back and forth being impaled on this double fuck. The
tramp lying beneath her squeezed her tits together then started pulling
on her nipples. Her large teats were already sore from their earlier
treatment. He laughed as a look of pain filled moms' face; he twisted
her reddened nipples harder.

"Split me you bastards," mom threw herself backwards onto the waiting
pricks. "That's it, that's it rip my cunt apart. Moms' rhythm was
getting faster. "God" my tits hurt good!"

Both men groaned as they emptied themselves into moms' pussy. Mom was
still thrusting down on their increasingly soft dicks, desperate to cum
herself. She was pulled off and pushed face down onto the ground, her
ass bobbed up and down as she fucked the air.

"Shit! She's still going.

"This'll finisher her off."

Two of them held mom down and pulled open her legs. The third crouched
behind her holding an empty beer bottle by the neck. "Let's see if mom
can take it as well as she gives it," I thought. He took aim at Moms
asshole; he looked at her hole and then the blunt end of the bottle, he
licked his lips, everyone was quite. He rammed the bottle down hard.

"Aaaaaaaghgh! O my god, Aaaaaaaagh!" the bottle tore into moms' already
stretched anus, moms' mouth opened and closed mouthing words that never
came. The bottle was forced deep inside her. Just as violently it was
pulled out. Mom was making strange high-pitched noises.

"Nnnnnooooo!" the bottle was thrust back inside her, he began to drive
it in and out of her ass. The bottle was soon coated in thick goo and
started to glide in and out of moms' ass with ease. She started to
moan, as she became more and more aroused. The bottle slid up her ass
one more time; he stopped, leaving the neck of the bottle poking out of
moms' asshole. She was rolled over and he pushed his hard prick deep
into her wet cunt.

"Mmmmmmm!" Moms' cunt was tighter now, with the bottle still deep
inside her. As he fucked her, one of the other tramps sat across moms'
middle and started to fuck her tits.

"Uuuuuuuunghgh!" Mom came with a vengeance almost throwing the guy on
her chest into the air. The tramps cum dribbled out of her raw pussy;
mom was delirious, she didn't even notice as two jets of thick white
spunk splashed across her face.

The tramps tidied themselves up as best they could and looked down at
mom still lying on the floor. She was staring into space, licking her
lips, naked and exposed.

"She was a good fuck," one said.

"She's a fucking slut," said another

I helped mom to her feet, clipped her lead onto her collar and led her
away. Her head was down; she staggered slightly as she walked. The
juices from her pussy and ass dribbled down her legs.

We had started walking back to our car, when a fairly respectable
looking guy pulled along side us.

"How much to fuck the slut?"


"How much to fuck the slut?"

The words sank in, "Why hadn't I thought of making money out of mom

I told him to drop dead and led mom away. In my mind I started to
picture the land of opportunity. I couldn't stand mom on a street
corner, but I could hire her out for porn flicks, stag nights,

Moms' sex life had just taken a new and more profitable direction. Now
to work...

Chapter 7