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It took some hard negotiating on my part but "David Hollywood Tycoon" had landed his mom the starring role in a new film. It would never be a blockbuster, but I was assured it would be a ballbuster. Now all I had to do was break the good news to mom.

"You got the part!" I shouted as I opened the living room door.

"I didn't! Did I?" Mom jumped up off the couch.

"You most certainly did!" I gave mom a big hug. "It's being filmed next
week, we will need to be there by 10am." I gave mom the address.

The big day arrived, mom and I turned up about half an hour early. The
director came over and gave mom the outline of the story.

"So you arrive at the farm lost and asking for directions. Now the
farmers son rapes you, and while he's doing that he is joined by his
mom and sister ok. Now instead of helping you they help him and you get
dragged into the animal pens where you get raped and tortured. Ok, now
don't worry about a script just ad-lib, got it! Oh, one more thing; we
like our films to look realistic so there's no cuts and breaks for
coffee, once we start we shoot, our customers like the filming rough."

Mom nodded, the director handed me a cheque and walked across to the
film crew. I took mom over to an old trailer to get changed. She had
decided to wear a pink basque with matching panties but black
stockings. Her 4-inch heels and fairly everyday skirt and blouse.

The filming started; mom drove up to the house and got out of the car.
The farmers son was sitting on the porch, he stood up. Mom walked over
to him smiling.

"I'm lost can you help me?"

"Sure I can help you" he took one step towards mom, reached out and
tore open her blouse. Her tits wobbled inside the basque, before mom
could say her next line he punched her in the stomach. Mom dropped to
the floor winded. He pulled out his already hard cock opened moms legs
and ripped of her panties. Mom was still pretty dazed as he forced his
cock up her dry cunt.

"Nnnnnnngh!" Mom really felt she was being split apart. As he started
to fuck her in earnest mom started to getting wet. The stud just
hammered into moms' pussy as hard as he could. The two women appeared
both in denim dungarees; they rushed over to the copulating couple and
pulled out knives. The air was filled with the sound of tearing
material as they cut off moms' skirt and blouse. Then they each cut
free a cup on moms' basque. Her large tits swung free, her large brown
nipples hard. Mom was groaning as her first climax drew near. The two
women sucked her nipples, biting the teats turning them from brown to

"I'm coming" mom groaned, Uuuuuuungh! Oooooooooghgh!"

The stud pulled out and came over moms' face and tits. The two women
quickly picked mom up and carried her around to the back of the
farmhouse and into the barn. The two blondes quickly took off all their
clothes. The younger of the two "Olivia" had a firm supple body; the
woman playing the mother was just slightly overweight, with full heavy
breasts and wide womanly hips. Both women were shaven with good legs.

The mother sat on moms face and ordered her to start licking, moms;
tongue drilled into the woman's large wet pussy and then lapped at her
large clit. Olivia picked up a corncob, stripped off the leaves and
pushed into moms' pussy. Mom and the mother both groaned and bucked as
they started to cum.

"This one's good" the mother groaned, "we're gonna have some fun

Both women came at the same time; the mother pushed her pussy onto
moms' open mouth and sat there letting her juices run into moms' mouth.
The son entered the barn.

"Roll the bitch over, I want a taste of her ass!"

Mom was rolled onto her belly. He kicked moms legs open, licked two
fingers and pushed them into mom asshole.

"Not bad, not bad at all," Olivia held open the cheeks of moms ass as
he started to fuck her. Mom lay under him moaning, her mind still
trying to catch up with what was going on. He let out a grunt, this
time Olivia took his load in her mouth; she then licked his prick

Mom was rolled onto her back as the mother reappeared with three large

"Wake the bitch up" she shouted at Olivia.

Olivia stood over mom and pissed on her. Mom choked as she breathed in
some of Olivia's sweet water, as she coughed and spluttered she
remembered what was going on and looked suitably shocked as they
brought the dogs closer. Each of the specially trained dogs had a hard
on, they started to sniff moms pussy and pulled on their leads eager to

The first dog was led over to mom; the mother lifted moms head "Suck

Mom sat up and took the dog in her mouth, gently licking its shafts and
then sucking its balls. She worked her way back to the head, running
her tongue around it, sucking the dogs prick deep into her mouth. Her
head moved back and forth as she enjoyed the sensation of the hard
boned prick sliding between her lips. The others stood back in
admiration as mom gave the dog a really professional blowjob. The dog
started to whine mom knew it was almost time, she felt its cock jerk
she pulled her head back and let the jets of cum splash across her
face, catching what she could in her open mouth.

The stud grabbed mom by the hair and pulled her onto all fours; the
second dog was let off its leash. It jumped onto moms' back and sunk
its cock deep inside her pussy. Mom gasped as the dog started giving
her a good hard fuck.

"Oooh! That's good, give it to me doggie"

Mom thrust back against the dog driving its cock deeper. The dog fucked
for all it was worth, its hard thrusts coming faster and faster.

"Uuungh! I'm gonna cum!"

Mom felt the dog release the contents of its balls deep inside her.

Oh shit! I'm cumming, Uunnghgh!"

Mom knelt there, head down gasping for breath. The dog stood over her
wagging its tail, its prick still in mom pussy. As it was pulled off
her, it's cum started to seep out between moms' pussy lips.

The third dog was being led across the barn, mom didn't move "three
dogs three holes" she thought. She wasn't wrong. As the last dog's
prick forced its way into her ass, Olivia sat in front of mom and told
her to suck her clit. Mom lowered her head and started to penetrate
Olivia's pussy with her tongue.

"Ooo! Olivia you taste so sweet" thought mom as her ass was being
brutally fucked by the biggest of the three dogs. Olivia moaned as mom
hit all the right buttons. Moms' ass was starting to get sore, but she
didn't want the piercing cock to stop it felt so, so good. Olivia
groaned louder, her pussy juice filled moms mouth and was quickly
swallowed as mom lapped greedily at the young girl's cunt. Mom could
feel her own orgasm getting near. The barn was filled with grunts,
moans and howls as all three reached their climax.

Moms' hands were tied behind her back and she was taken out of the barn
to the stable, she was made to lie on her back on the floor. The young
pony backed away into the corner nervously. A transparent funnel was
placed in moms' mouth and a strap tightened round her head to hold it
in place. Marks had been made on the side of the funnel indicating one,
two and three pints. Mom looked around nervously not sure what was
about to happen. Olivia led the pony over to where mom lay on the
ground and began to lick and suck its cock. The mother began massaging
the pony's large balls. It didn't take long to get the pony aroused.
Its enormous prick hung down as Olivia did her best to get the tip into
her mouth. As she licked the head of the pony's cock she ran her hands
up and down the shaft. The pony whinnied as it started to cum. Olivia
pushed its cock into the open end of the funnel, just as it's cum
gushed out. Mom had no choice but to swallow as more cum flooded into
the funnel. Although mom was drinking as fast as she could the funnel
was still filled to the one-pint mark when the pony finally stopped. We
watched as mom slowly emptied the funnel mouthful by mouthful the
gelatinous sticky liquid filled her stomach.

Mom was beginning to feel a little queasy has they led her into the
next stable. The mother already had the animal erect and ready to go.
Moms' hands were untied as she was positioned on a small bench under
the donkey. She felt its large prick being positioned at the entrance
of her pussy. The animal started to thrust forwards, her pussy opened
allowing the donkey to penetrate her. Mom knew she could take the girth
it was the length that concerned her. Her breathing became heavier as
she felt the long prick driving deeper in to her body. She winced in
pain as the head pushed into her womb; moms' mouth opened as the donkey
drove still deeper into her. The animal stopped; it then started to
slide its cock back and forth giving mom a deep slow fuck. Mom let out
a long groan.

As moms' second climax with the donkey died away the animal eventually
came, mom felt its cock throb between her legs and then the throbbing
moved up its shaft into moms' tired body. She felt herself being filled
with a warm liquid, but it couldn't escape her pussy was filled with
the donkeys hard prick. Mom felt her womb fill with cum and start to
expand. As the donkey withdrew the floodgates opened, a river of cum
poured from moms' pussy.

The film ended with mom being dumped at the side of the highway naked,
with a corncob buried deep in her ass.

"Cut! And lets call it a day" screamed the director.

I bent mom over the front of our car and pulled out the corncob, Olivia
came over and helped mom dress. After a long talk over a burger and
some coffee it was decided that Olivia could stay with us for a few
Once home I had to have sex, what I had seen during the filming had
been a major turn on. Olivia had a young and open mind and mom was too
tired to care. I slid my hard cock into moms' mouth as Olivia fisted
her pussy. Olivia and I kissed as moms' body bucked and twisted yet

I had found in Olivia a soul mate. It wasn't long before she told me
about her folks and the "Festival Dolcett." The festival is held every
year and the meals they prepare are very special.

I wondered if Olivia's folks would like to have mom to dinner...

Chapter 9